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Message for World Refugee Day 2017

Every day, millions of families and children are forced to flee their homes due to emergencies beyond their control. Since 2000, more than 22 million refugees have sought sanctuary in foreign lands-forced to flee their homes for the safety of a new country.

Refugees are people without a place to call home. When they find one, they are active participants in all parts of society, often giving back more than they receive.

Let’s provide them with the dignity and safety they need to rebuild their lives. Find out what you can do to help those impacted by war and in life and death emergencies. Help refugees regain their independence and dignity. All lives are precious and have value.

Refugees are assets to any economy. We are fortunate that many call Canada home and we, in turn, benefit from their many skills and talents. Let’s work to provide them with hope for a better future.

Jasmine Jackman

President of the United Nations Association in Canada Toronto Region Branch


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