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UNACTO is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its volunteers, members, supporters, donors and stakeholders. The organization values the trust of these individuals and of the public, and recognizes that maintaining this trust requires  transparency and accountability in how the information is shared within the organization.


During the course of various projects and activities, UNACTO gathers and uses personal information. Individuals from whom personal information is collected should expect that it will be carefully protected and that any use of this information is subject to consent. 


This policy is designed to assist you in understanding how UNACTO collects, uses and safeguards your personal information and to assist you in making informed decisions about providing personal information to UNACTO Canada or using its website.


Defining Personal Information

Personal information is a form of information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual. This information can include an individual’s opinions or beliefs, as well as facts about, or related to, the individual. Exceptions of what is not considered personal information are business contact information and certain publicly available information, including names, addresses and telephone numbers as published in telephone directories. 


Information in the public domain is not subject to privacy legislation and as such is not included in this policy. 


Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) defines personal information as any information about a specific, identifiable individual, such as name, address, or phone number, but not including the name, title, business address or business phone number of an employee of an organization.


The personal information that we collect, use and disclose—with your express or implied consent:

  • Name, address, phone number

  • E-mail address 

  • Resumes

  • Information related to chequing or credit card accounts 

  • Information about professional employment 


How Do We Collect Personal Information?


UNACTO collects personal information about our donors and other stakeholders in the following ways: via our website for mailing list registration, via the United Nations Association Head Office; in-person; via CanadaHelps third-party website.



Personal information gathered is kept in strict confidence. Some executive members have authorized access to personal information based on their need to deal with the information for the reason(s) for which it was obtained. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the information is not disclosed nor shared more widely than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was gathered. UNACTO also takes measures to ensure that the integrity of this information is maintained and to prevent it from being lost, stolen or prematurely destroyed.


UNACTO collects, uses and discloses personal information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate under the circumstances. Stakeholders are routinely offered the opportunity not to have their information shared for purposes beyond those for which it was collected.

Protection of Personal Information


UNACTO endeavours to protect your personal information from loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, use or disclosure, regardless of the format in which such personal information is stored. UNACTO collects resumes that contain personal information and member’s list information, which include postal code, phone and email address. The United Nations Association Head Office has implemented technical measures appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information in its efforts to protect the personal information under its control.


With respect to the handling of credit card information, UNACTO does not process any payments. All payments are handled through the third-party CanadaHelps for secure payment processes of payment card details.  


Records are stored in the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) Head Office. While UNACTO strives to use acceptably commercial means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. 


Websites and Electronic Commerce


When you browse the UNACTO website, you do so anonymously. UNACTO belongs to the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) and adheres to the privacy guidelines of those organizations.


At times, the UNACTO website may request visitors to voluntarily supply personal information, such as name and email address, for purposes such as corresponding with UNACTO, registering at UNACTO website, making a donation, or joining the UNACTO mailing list.  


Donors through the UNACTO website are linked to an industry-standard secure payment service for credit card transactions. This means that any data you send from your computer to the UNACTO website is completely secure. All payments are handled through CanadaHelps, a safe and secure third-party processor. 


Your donation is encrypted and the interpretation is impossible for anyone other than the intended recipient. The website is routinely updated to maximize the protection of any information sent to us on-line.




UNACTO’s website uses persistent cookies within visiting browsers to enable the functions of the website and for tracking performance. Specifically, cookies are used the following ways:

  • Preserving and expiring visitor sessions on the site (e.g. preserving data between steps of a process; and ending the session after a period of inactivity)

  • Storing font size preferences on the site

  • Enabling web analytic tools (such as Google Analytics, see below)


Cookies are used anonymously and without storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Visitors that wish to opt-out of cookies should review the help documentation for their browser software to decline or selectively decline cookies. Note that declining cookies may adversely impact site performance.

UNACTO uses session cookies only to better understand how the website is used, to make sure the UNACTO information and dynamic content are served up to visitors correctly, and to improve the performance of the UNACTO website for users, particularly the way search pages are delivered. Session cookies do not remain on your computer at the end of your visit, and cannot be used to obtain any personally identifiable details.


Google Analytics

The UNACTO website uses Google Analytics to track performance. Google Analytics uses persistent cookies to track visitor sessions, visitors across multiple sessions, and referral sources to our sites. 


UNACTO also tracks the performance of promotional links to our site using Google Analytics. In compliance with the Google Analytics Terms of Service, at no time is personally identifiable information (PII) passed to Google Analytics.  We use this data to understand site performance to serve you better. Those wishing to opt out of Google Analytics data collection should use the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On.


Links to Other Sites 


UNACTO has no association with other sites or third-parties. The only third-party that UNACTO works with is CanadaHelps, in order to process payments securely. UNACTO is not responsible for the privacy practices of those other sites, therefore please familiarize yourself with such third parties’ privacy policies before providing them with your personal information.


Donor List Trading and Third Party Suppliers


UNACTO is not part of any donor-list trading. All donors' information is handled by the United Nations Association Canada (UNAC) Head Office. The United Nations Associations organizations enter into confidentiality and privacy protection agreements, and do not keep any donor information on file for longer than is needed to complete the work.

​Disclosure and Retention


The collection of personal information is limited and is relevant and necessary to our programs and fundraising efforts. UNACTO shall not make unwarranted or intrusive inquiries into a donor personal life. UNACTO attributes all data that it collects.


UNACTO retains personal information only as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of day-to-day operation. UNACTO shall not use and/or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, unless it has first obtained your consent or as permitted or required by law.




UNACTO makes reasonable efforts to keep personal information accurate, complete and as up to date as is necessary for the purposes that it is being collected and used for. If, at any time, you would like to access your personal information held by UNACTO or you need to update or correct your personal information you may let us know by phone or email, using the contact information provided at the end of this policy.


Security Safeguards


Personal information gathered by UNACTO shall be kept in confidence. Appropriate physical and electronic measures shall be used to ensure personal information is secure. Access to UNACTO donor and UNACTO volunteer records shall be limited to those who require such information to fulfil their job responsibilities. 



UNACTO donors who request that their name and/or the amount of the gift not be publicly released shall remain anonymous.


Disclosure of Personal Information


UNACTO does not trade, rent nor sell your personal information. UNACTO does not disclose your credit card information provided by you except to the appropriate banking institutions or payment processing provider in order to process a credit or debit authorization for payment, or to resolve a dispute.




All information contained on the UNACTO website is copyrighted and is the property of UNACTO unless otherwise stated all rights reserved. You may not copy, distribute, or use these materials except as necessary for your personal, non-commercial use. Any trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.


Social Media Moderation Policy


UNACTO social channels are managed by staff. We would like to encourage sharing in an open and friendly environment. These guidelines are meant to help foster a positive experience for our supporters.

Please ensure that your comments and photos:

  • Are relevant to our cause

  • Respect others

  • Don’t reveal personal details—such as phone numbers, etc.

  • Don’t use inappropriate, offensive, sexist or racist language


We reserve the right to remove comments that we feel breach our guidelines.




UNACTO may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. The most up-to date Privacy Policy is made available on the UNACTO website and shall be deemed to be the Privacy Policy then in effect. Additional information about our privacy practices can be obtained from the Governance Lead as described below.


How to contact UNACTO:


If you have any questions about our privacy policy or its practices, please contact the Governance team at:


P.O. Box 64037, 200 Bay Street, Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, ON M5J 2T6


Last Revised: 10 May 2021

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