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The United Nations Association in Canada Toronto Region Branch (UNACTO) is a division of the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) which is a historic, national charitable organization, established in 1946.


UNA-Canada is a founding member of the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) and today holds its elected Vice-Chair representing global civil society.


UNACTO is dedicated to elevating the principles of the UN Charter and accomplishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by delivering innovative signature programs.


We believe in building a better tomorrow by engaging the youth of the Greater Toronto Area and in growing global citizens through knowledge of the UN and its initiatives.



The holding of public meetings either by itself or jointly with other organizations.


The designing and conducting of programs aimed at encouraging interest.


The preparation, collection and dissemination of publications and materials.


The raising of funds, including donations, to enable UNACTO to work effectively.

UNACTO Executive



Irene Kashelsky

Vice President

Staci Benny

Secretary & Treasurer

Michael Jackman

UNACTO Board of Directors


Christine Dikongué

George Lepine

Hyona Park

Sheri Majdpour

Jean Pilaprat

Kiu Rezvanifer

Fadwa Yehia

UNA-Canada National Executive


President & CEO of UNA-Canada

Kate White

Ontario Regional Director

Jasmine Jackman

UNACTO Advisors


Larry Hebb

Rui Zhang

Board of Directors

Brent Saunders

UNACTO Operational Team

​Governance Director

Michael Jackman (interim)

Project Leads

Daniel Amaya

Rachel Bunbury

Alexia Cito

Olivia Dorado

Mitch Houlahan

Trina Jeffers

Ashoke Mohanraj

Hyona Park

Project Coordinators

Raed Altal

Milena Glumac

Martine Ghazouli

Maria Marchyshyn

Rose Nixon

Milan Pekovic

Communications Director

Kaitlynn Carroll

Impact Analytics Specialists

Tehseen Rana

Arsh Randhawa


Graphic Designers

Maite Moreau

Laila Zabaneh


Photographer & Videographer

Yazan Kalaldeh


Racha Abou Chakra

David Rintoul

Financial Specialist

Shubdeep Randhawa

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