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Message for the 77th UN Day from UNACTO President Staci Benny

77 years ago, the United Nations came into existence in the aftermath of the most devastating war in human history—World War II.

In these 77 years, the organization has served as a constant symbol of hope and unity, all the while adapting to the needs of a constantly evolving planet and its people.

We have made, just recently, advances in the exploration of outer space, seeing our universe in a way that it was never seen before. It is a reminder of how precious our Earth is and how unique its inhabitants are.

So much has changed even in the last two years.

Still, the principles of the UN Charter remain just as important as they were 77 years ago in 1945.

Now, we have until 2030 to take action towards and accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals and make good on our global promise back when the Charter was ratified.

The United Nations exists so that we can move forward in solidarity for the betterment of humanity as one. Together, we can ensure a healthy planet, one where everyone lives in peace and dignity, while afforded equal opportunities. No matter who you are, the Sustainable Development Goals are for you.

But what is it, at its root, slows down our progress? What stifles hope?

Many of the challenges that the world faces today are rooted in fear. A fear of the unknown, a fear of the other. Sometimes a fear of loss.

We are so much stronger when we go forth in unity and compassion, instead.

We know we are capable of achieving great things. As we mark UN Day, we must commit to not going back on these 77 years of progress, and create a future that fulfils the hope we have now.


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