International Women's Day 2014

Our meeting was dedicated to the International Womens' Day which was celebrated on March 8 as marked in the UN March calendar. We announced the winners of the March UN Days Essay Contest. Congratulations to the March UN Days Essay Contest winners - Tatiana Guzmanwho wrote An Opportunity to Inspire and Baani Bhathal who spoke about Down Syndrome Day, March 21.

For more information, please review the PowerPoint presentation "Women Who Inspire." Thank you very much for the deep insight and inspiring discussion!

Some comments from our guests and volunteers about this meeting:

"Last night was my first meeting...of very devoted and caring folks. Allowing time by invitation per topic for input was healthy and sharing stimulated understanding. Bravo."

"It was good to learn about inspirational women from across the globe. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to come at the front and talk about the lady I am inspired by."