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United Nations Day

The United Nations Day was held on October 24, 2012. The Youth & Education Committee at UNACTO hosted an essay, poetry and photo competition for youth who were interested in showcasing global issues. After careful consideration, the contestant "Tahmid Rouf" was selected for their creativity and sensitivity in illustrating the issues that concern citizens worldwide.

Voice of The Choiceless

By: Tahmid Rouf

A poem dedicated to the millennium development goals and the underprivileged it seeks to benefit. The core focus is hunger and poverty.

I’m not a writer but these stanzas must mean something

or for something to be on that paper must bear meaning

etch these thoughts out so we reach out to each other

far from a doomsayer but let’s imagine a kid in Zanzibar

no purpose in education when you’re the breadwinner

around here, even the breadwinner keeps getting thinner

They say end of the day money doesn’t make you happy

but food costs rising, eating on a dollar can’t be healthy

her or his reality on another planet, a formidable distance

how they feel, we can only try to dabble their existence

avenues wandered to make a meal behind trails of the rich

new deal gave them a pickaxe to dig the earth every inch

warning, might be graphic: vicious portrait of someone’s reality

irk the conscious to strive to make hunger and poverty history

but recently we see this insanity of skyrocketing worldly disparity

some wealthy defy gravity while other have to get down dirty

people hurry, no heed to their grisly effort to meet bare minimum

to across the concrete jungle to steel towers, a world so alien

different stations on the path of life - so what’s peace and prosperity?

the economist said, is there a better recipe for happiness than GDP?

the curious questioned: can money buy us human security?

so we can fill the hungry, or will it just go to the wrong belly?

and to feed minds, because we choose our deed, not our street

harder to come out from the belly of the beast than to sit in it

but this one for those whose hands were dealt disadvantaged

poverty ravaged villages so they fold to being openly pillaged

this is why I wrote it, there is a need for the more fortunate

to inspire ourselves, shed light on the plight of the desolate

because the darkness impedes until we set light to it

guide our intentions and goals, as if the solution was intuitive

before some more souls fall victim to their predicament

the very builders, perished underneath the steps of the pyramid